Shooting with our host Yendi Phillips!

Frame By Frame Productions is a privately owned and financed film and video production company offering a full range of in house services to the individual who demands the greatest level of creativity, with the least amount of compromise.The company was started in 1992 by the union of it’s two directors, who had been freelancing together for years.
Max Earle, Creative Director and C.E.O., and Lukkee Chong, Producer/Director/Editor.
The Company recently brought into the Directors fold Miss. Diba Mohammed, with the responsibility of overseeing all production.

Together they bring over 70 years of experience to each project, and combined with their Company strategy of custom fitting each production with the best available crew; their clients pay for only what they need, only, when they need it, guaranteeing the highest possible return on their investment.

In addition to the personalized service, one will find the first Digital Non-Linear Editing System in The Caribbean. The Media 100 is the highest quality output system in the Caribbean, operating at full Digital Quality.  Frame by Frame also operates out of Ft. Lauderdale, where Mr. Chong now resides. Our office in Ft. Lauderdale has two editing suites, including one full HD suite.

DIRECTORS:  Diba Mohammed (Productions),  Max Earle (C.E.O.), Lukkee Chong (Chairman)

Photo by: FXF


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